Series: Around the World
Date : April 21, 2021

In Brazil, almost 70% of the electric energy comes from hydropower. The reservoirs function as a 100% renewable, zero-emission storage battery and have gained importance with the gigantic growth of intermittent sources in the country — namely, wind and solar. The benefits of hydroelectric plants for developing countries go beyond energy and emissions and include job creation and using the reservoirs to regularize river flows, prevent flooding, promote navigation, and supply water for people and irrigation. In this session, testimonials from representatives and specialists with extensive experience in the development, construction and operation of hydroelectric plants in Brazil will be presented, demonstrating the state-of-the-art of the sector. These discussions will present the current scenario of hydropower and its importance in the post-pandemic economic recovery as one of the main pillars of the green economy and sustainability in Brazil.


Antonio Fonseca dos Santos, Senior Director at Kelowna Consult
Paulo Arbex, President at ABRAPCH, Brazilian Association of the Small Hydro Power Plants Owners and Operators
Delfim Rocha, Executive Director at Ferreira Rocha
Ludimila Lima da Silva, Deputy Superintendent of Generation Services ANEEL

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