Bearing Repairs: Contain Your Costs by Understanding Your Specs

Series: HYDROVISION Exchange
Date : November 19, 2020

You may have heard the warning that if you’ve got a damaged leg, do not go to a university’s medical center. Why? Because it will run every conceivable test in the book and bust your budget. It’s “overkill.” It’s a similar situation for bearing refurbishments: For routine repair of damaged bearings, you want to contain unnecessary activity that adds no true value but runs up a quotation and invoice. In this presentation, you’ll learn easy things to do to achieve fine outcomes and contain costs. The key is to understand how to define better work scope and inspection test requirements to specify what you need and to exclude the “overkill” specs. One example of “spec overkill” that will be highlighted is dye penetrant examination, which has become such a common requirement, possibly because it can be performed on site by less-qualified personnel than those required to perform competent UT exams upon receipt of repaired bearings.


Lyle Branagan, Engineering Manager at Pioneer Motor Bearing

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