Equipment and Technology: Advancements in Controls and Pumped-Storage Turbine Design

Series:Equipment and Technology
Date : February 23, 2021

This session will feature two technical presentations to give attendees updates on some of the latest technology advancements in hydropower, for both controlling and designing vital generating equipment.

In the first presentation, the author discusses how controls, instrumentation and SCADA have advanced over the past 20 years. Are the reduced maintenance, available diagnostics, easy access to information to accelerate troubleshooting, reduced manpower needs, increased reliability and safety, and automated systems to deliver optimum power generation and steady run-of-river levels reasons enough to upgrade your controls? Learn the why, when, what and who behind such a decision.

In the second presentation, the author discusses reversible pump-turbines, which he calls “the only means to store primary energy in an efficient way.” He presents the results of a cooperative research project into the fluid mechanical phenomena leading to the occurrence of instabilities in pump-turbines in pump mode. The results enhance understanding of the physical background leading to this instability and improve numerical predictability of the instability in pump mode during the design phase, advancing the technology behind pumped-storage hydropower.


Duane Carr, Electrician/ Instrument Technician at UIS Corp
Helmut Jaberg, Professor at Graz University of Technology
Kevin Mitchell, Controls and Power Engineer at UIS Corp
Lisa Myles, Assistant General Manager, Power Control Solutions at L&S Electric

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