Hydro Bearing Maintenance Solutions

Series: HYDROVISION Exchange
Date : November 17, 2020

As the hardest-working bearing on a vertical generator, thrust bearings can perform well for long durations without causing any issues in operation. Problems may arise, however, after an overhaul or upgrade that has placed additional loads on a bearing, especially when it is a significant load increase. Overheating conditions, bearing failures, excessive wear or other issues can limit bearing life or cause bearings to fail on startup. Learn the strategies and techniques you can employ to incrementally improve your thrust bearing without having to replace the entire bearing.


Matthew Cha, Bearing Design Specialist at Hydro Tech Inc.
Mike Dupuis, President at Hydro Tech Inc
Seán Whelan Marcolini, Babbitt and PTFE Bearing Designer at Hydro Tech Inc.

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