Knowledge Hub: Silt Monitoring for Equipment Life and Environmental Compliance Optimization

Series: HYDROVISION Exchange
Date : November 19, 2020

Depending on its nature, silt can be benign or it can wreak havoc on your systems and the environment. There are several ways to monitor silt. This presentation centers on the Rittmeyer solution, but most of the principals can be applied to other measurement systems, with examples given. In addition to measuring flow, the Rittmeyer smart flowmeter offers the ability to monitor silt across the entire penstock, providing more information than a simple turbidity sensor, all with no additional hardware costs. This silt loading and profile information, whether from the Rittmeyer flowmeter or other sensors, can be integrated into operating plans to manage wear and tear compared to the prevailing energy rates (run/don’t run decision), manage environmental impacts and compliance, and even provide a tool to manage turbine warrantees in tough installations.


Stephen Hendren, Head at Rittmeyer North America

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