Market Trends: Novel Cybersecurity Capabilities to Meet Hydropower’s Evolving Challenges

Series: HYDROVISION Exchange
Date : November 18, 2020

As the hydropower infrastructure in the U.S. increasingly benefits from interconnected digital systems to improve reliability, reduce costs and expand services, there is the vital need to ensure that this infrastructure is safeguarded against an increasingly broad range of threat actors. During this session, the evolution of the industry will be discussed, along with new resources that can be brought to bear on these challenges.


Darlene Thorsen, Senior Cybersecurity Architect at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Kenneth Ham, Data Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Mark Christian, Technology Manager, Fleet Modernization, Maintenance and Cybersecurity at Department of Energy
Michelle Yezierski, Section Chief-Dams, Stakeholder Engagement Division, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at Department of Homeland Security
Rui Li, Senior Cyber Security Specialist at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Timothy Welch, Manager, Hydropower Program at Department of Energy

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