This is your one stop for everything you need to present during the HYDRO+ Series. Here you can find your social graphics, templates, deadlines, tips, and FAQs.


We have also provided customizable social graphics for you to use. Help spread the word by sharing your custom speaker graphic to your friends, colleagues, and industry partners.


  • Speaker photo, short bio and company logo are due Tuesday, June 29th.
  • Draft of presentation is due Monday, July 19th. 
  • Platform training for speakers will be held Monday, July 19th or Friday, July 23rd. Each session will have its own specific training session with our webcast managers to learn the platform and feel comfortable. All speakers should try to be on the same training call as the rest of the presenters in their session.
  • Final presentation is due Friday, July 23rd.

As a reminder, HYDRO+ Series will be Tuesday, July 27th.


  • Platform training– Each session will have platform training with one of our webcast managers. We prefer that all speakers for that session are present. You will be sent a calendar invitation from one of our webcast managers. In the outlook invite, there will be a specific zoom link to use for the training.

    Live session– You will be sent a calendar invitation from one of our webcast managers.

    • Click on Zoom link in outlook calendar invite. You must use your specific link as each person in the session has a different, specific link.
    • Make sure your camera is on. Our webcast manager will check your camera and microphone to make sure the audience can see and hear you.
    • Pay close attention to the Zoom chat box. The webcast manager will let you know when to unmute yourself and other helpful tips.
    • Make sure you are on mute if you are not currently presenting to avoid background noise.
    • To share your PowerPoint presentation, click the green “share screen” button. Make sure your presentation is in full screen presentation mode.
    • Questions will come in through the Q&A feature in Zoom. Click on the Q&A button to view questions submitted by the audience. These questions will not be public to the audience until someone clicks “answer live” and then “done.”
    • Once the session is over, the Zoom meeting will disappear.
    • Your session will be made on-demand within 24 hours of the live session.


Is there a template for my presentation?
Yes.  Click the link above for the official HYDRO+ Power Point template.  Be sure to prepare your slides in 16:9 format. If your session is sponsored then a slide for the appropriate sponsor will be added at the time we upload your slides.
What format should my presentation be in?
Please send your PowerPoint presentation to the conference manager by the set deadline. A backup slide deck will be created in case you are unable to share your screen in Zoom.
Will my presentation be made public after my session?
Yes, your presentation will be on-demand after the event. Your slides will not be distributed, but they will be available for viewing in the recording of your session post event.
How long should my short bio be?
Your bio should be no longer than one paragraph (6-8 sentences).
Will I be on camera during my session?
Yes, we prefer you to be on camera during your session. Make sure you are in a quiet space with good lighting. We recommend closing all other browsers and applications to give you the best possibly quality video.
I want to include a video in my presentation. How do I do that?
You may embed the video directly into your presentation. When you click the green screen share button, you must click “share computer sound” and “optimize screen sharing for video clip.” These selections will ensure that the audience can see and hear your video.
Can I make changes to my presentation after I send it into the conference manager?

You can make changes to your draft following your training call up to the date the final is due.  Because of preparation for the live show we discourage changes after that.

Will I receive a calendar invite to block off time in my schedule for my session?
Yes, you will be sent a calendar invitation from conference manager with a Zoom link. You must use the Zoom link to login to your session. Please login to your session 15 minutes prior to your session. We recommend using Google Chrome.
I am moderating a session. Can I see the questions before they are made public to the audience?
Yes, questions from the audience will appear in the Q&A feature in Zoom. Questions in the Q&A button are not public to the audience until someone clicks “answer live” and then “done.” Throughout the presentation, feel free to check the Q&A button periodically for audience questions.
How will the training session work?
You will be sent a calendar invitation with a Zoom link specific. Once in the Zoom meeting, the producer will explain the process and have everyone practice sharing his or her screen. The training is pretty simple and should not take more than 30 minutes.