Speed Up Excitation Commissioning with Auto Tuning

Series: HYDROVISION Exchange
Date : November 19, 2020

This presentation discusses PID tuning capabilities of a digital excitation system and a proven feature called automatic tuning, which can accelerate the process of commissioning a generator with the new excitation system. Based on given excitation system parameters, several PID tuning approaches are considered. In general, these parameters are not available during commissioning, specifically the machine time constants, causing a considerable time delay and cost of fuel usage for commissioning the automatic voltage regulator (AVR). With automatic tuning, excitation system parameters are identified and PID gains are calculated using well-developed algorithms. With self-tuned PID gains, commissioning is accomplished quickly with excellent performance results. Also discussed are software tools that will ease the burden of testing.


Doug Steinacher, Senior Application Specialist at Basler Electric

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