Water/Energy Challenges – Current and Future Roles for Water Resources and Hydropower


Series: HYDROVISION Exchange
Date : November 17, 2020

There is a need to advance understanding and prepare for future integrated water-energy cycle challenges by:

• Studying relevant processes involving the atmospheric, terrestrial, oceanic and human system components and their interactions and feedbacks across local, regional and global scales
• Improving the predictability of the water-energy cycle and reducing associated uncertainties in response to short- and long-term perturbations and needs
• Focusing research efforts on the human systems components of the integrated water cycle, with emphasis on the interaction between terrestrial hydrology and energy systems
• Presenting current case studies as a basis to depict the dire need for rigorous planning for the future outlook on energy-water nexus potential issues
• Meeting future water-energy and environmental demands


Bo Hadjerioua, Director of Integrated Water Resource Management at Mesa Associates Inc.

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